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 3 well know strategies

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PostSubject: 3 well know strategies   3 well know strategies I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 3:30 am

RUSH: build your troops as quick as your can and just send them in and piss the guy off as much as you can with your constant attacks

PROS: if done right your opponents building will constantly be destroyed meaning they wont have time to build up there army and you will wipe them out

CONS: if the enemy manages to build up a big enough army or fully recover from your attack they will launch an easy counter attack most of the time with stronger troops and you will be wiped out

Turtle: Build your defenses, build turrents and try up upgrade them or build enough troops to hold off enemy attacks but only enough that is needed so that you have all the supplies you can get and while they are trying to break your defenses build your building upgrade your troops tech levels armor air troops then build your army and now use one huge rush and just end them dont worry about them slipping past and destroying your because your defenses should stall them till your done blowing the their base then come back and get rid of the attackers

PROS: You would be able to easily win the match with a fully upgraded army and the strongest troops you have

CONS: if the enemy is able to destroy your defenses before your ready you will be the one demolished

*recommended to be used against anyone using RUSH*

BOOM technique: basically you build small squads to harass the enemy or to lure them to the wrong base and while there distracted your building a huge army at another base while they think there ok while fighting you small waves you send one big attack at their flank .

PROS: they wont know what hit them you will leave victorious and they will still be trying to figure out what happened

CONS: if they are able to find the army your building they can prepare for a counter attack and take out that base.

these were done based on 1v1 matches on chasm
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Cpt Awesome
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3 well know strategies Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3 well know strategies   3 well know strategies I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 12:40 pm

in case any of you have't seen the tips from Inside Xbox, here are details on two proven rush techniques.

Warthog Rush:
Description: Warthogs can be trained at your base center eliminating the need for extra training facilities. This saves money and allows you to quickly ready a sizeable army of Hogs to take down your opponent. This strategy works best with Cutter or Anders as Forge's supply pads cost more.
Build Order: Reactor, 3 Supply Pads, Reactor
Upgrade Order: Warthog Gunner, Warthog Grenadier
Risks: If not done correctly this rush can be too slow to catch your enemy off guard.

Covenant Leader Rush:
Description: Again, all the units you need can be trained form your main base (the Prophet and the Brute Chieftan work best since they have better special units). If the base rally point is set on the grav lift, all newly trained units will instantly teleport to your leader. Send your leader with one or two special units to the enemy base then continuously train new units that will teleport strait to your leader and instantly get in the fight.
Build Order: Temple, 3 Warehouses
Upgrade Order: None
Risks: If your leader is killed before enough units can spawn on him the rush will likely fail.
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3 well know strategies
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