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 Sniping 101

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PostSubject: Sniping 101   Sniping 101 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 7:49 pm

Doing well as a sniper in the Call of Duty games and Battlefield Bad Company can be hard, so I've outlined a few tips that will help you be an effective sniper.

Staying hidden is crucial if you want to continue sniping throughout the match. In all of these games sniper classes wear ghillie suits (suits covered in leaves and grass). Still, the suits don't do any good unless you are in the right spot. Going prone in the grass or a bush helps, but being in shadow helps even more. It is very easy to spot a sniper who is highlighted in bright sunlight. Good snipers also need to pay attention to what is behind them. If there is a white wall behind them they will stand out very easily even if they are well hidden from other angles.

Take your time:
You won't be able to hit everyone you see, you need to pick your targets. The easiest targets to hit are enemies who are standing still or moving in a straight line. When you spot a target in Bad Company, try and wait for them to move directly towards or away from you because hitting sideways-moving targets in Battlefield is quite difficult. In the Call of Duty games in is easier to lead people off but you also have to hold your breath. Try and wait for the scope to completely level out before firing to improve accuracy, and don't hold your breath while an enemy is behind a wall just hoping for them to pop out. If you don't have time to set up a good shot, don't take it. Firing a poorly set up shot and just hoping to get lucky is a bad idea because it will give away your position.

Watch for the kill cam:
This of course only applies to the Call of Duty games. After sniping someone they have a chance to try and determine your hiding spot by watching the kill cam. After firing, instead of reloading right away, stay in the scope because otherwise the enemy gets a perfect view of your spot. If you want to be even more careful you can instantly look at a close up object after firing to give your opponent less time to figure out your spot.

Move carefully:
A well concealed sniper can stay in one spot for several shots before moving (in Bad Company it is even possible to stay in one spot the whole time since there is no kill cam). If you need to move, be very careful that nobody sees you. Move while your teammates are keeping the enemy busy, and stick to cover. Also, if you are crouching, try not to wiggle around in your spot. Pick the best viewpoint and get your thumb off the left stick because even moving a little bit causes your character to pop up and makes him a lot easier to snipe.

That's all for now, if any of you have other suggestions fell free to post them. Hope it helps!

Here are a couple screens to help illustrate, I'll add more later.

Notice the surrounding bushes and tall grass, all of it in shadow.
Sniping 101 Snipe_10

Sniping 101 Snipe_11

Sniping 101 Snipe_12

Sniping 101 Snipe_14
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PostSubject: Re: Sniping 101   Sniping 101 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2009 12:08 pm

you should also use the dots on your crosshair to mesure how far to aim ahead for moving targets
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Sniping 101
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